We have been creating fundraising apparel for over 10 years. We have made this the easiest way to raise money for your cause. Everyone wears T-shirts and your customers get years of use out of them, unlike a candy bar or a magazine. Your customers will be supporting your cause or team and will do so again when they wear the T-shirt to an event or out in public.

Here’s how fundraising works:

  1. Bring us your design or have us create a design for you. We’ll create a mock up for you to approve, create a flyer, and an order form, complete with your selling price.

  2. Use the flyer and order form we created for you to take orders.

  3. Turn in the orders. We’ll tally up the sizes and quantities and make the shirts.

  4. Pick up the presorted order and pay the quantity pricing.

It’s that easy. We sort the order by the seller’s name, so all you have to do is hand the sorted orders to your sellers. Your sellers pass out the items to the people they took the orders from. By us sorting the orders, the totals are again checked for accuracy, so no one is short or receives an incorrect size.

You are probably wondering how much money can you make from fundraising with T-shirts. T-shirts are priced by the number of items sold and the number of screens it takes to create the T-shirt. We give you quantity pricing. The more you sell, the less they cost per item. You decide what price to sell the T-shirts, we charge you based on the number of items sold and the number of screens used. For example, if you sell a T-shirt for $15 and your cost from us is $7.25, you make $7.75 per item. If this example was for 100 shirts, you just made $775.00 for your cause.

Other items can be sold other than T-shirts. For example, we have customers who offer T-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, hoodies, dri-fits and tri-blends all for the same fundraiser. The amount you make per item will stay the same as long as your prices increase with our prices for the garments.

We have done fundraisers for area schools, sports teams, churches, clubs, cancer fighters and other causes and all have benefited their cause. These customers come back year after year to do fundraisers with us because it is easy, hassle free and it makes their cause more money than other types of fundraisers.

If you have questions or would like detailed information about starting a fundraiser for your group, please give us a call (740-820-5200) or send us an email ( We are happy to answer any questions and help your cause raise money.